As parents, we want to provide the best for our children and do not want to compromise on quality. At NimbusMindz we firmly believe in this.

We have many success stories to share, however we can vouch that each child was different, their needs were different, their abilities were different and most importantly the approach taken to support them in making them independent and confident were individualized. We would be happy to provide direct references for you to speak to these parents and know from them directly their experience with us and why they would recommend us over others.​ However here are a few words from some of our parents for your preview:

Success Stories

Empowering Parents Program: The service, knowledge and positive attitude of Miss Harini is great. I am very much pleased with the progress of myself being a parent under the guidance of her. I strongly recommend Miss Harini to all parents needing reassurance.

Celebrate Divergence Program: We sought help from Ms. Harini for improving our son’s speaking and writing abilities. With Ms. Harini’s direct intervention and teaching methods, He improved well. He started replying and narrated his experience in few sentences. He improved on attention span and was cooperating within the set of rules for class sessions. His vocabulary also improved and he started using different words for different situations. His improved with improved handwriting skills taught by Ms. Harini. He followed sequences and turn of role plays with peers and parents as taught by Ms. Harini. We are thankful for all the help she provided for our Son. Wishing Ms. Harini all the very best in helping and improving the lives of many more children

Empowering Parents Program: My son is 10 yr old and non verbal. Earlier, both me and my husband were not able to understand how to communicate with our son . Thanks to Harini ma’am, who teach us through play we can interact and communicate. Thank you so much.

Celebrate Divergence Program: My son Joseph has benefitted a lot under Ms Harini one to one teaching. Not only is she patient with him, she is also very skillful and experienced in handling autistic kids. She customized the English and Math’s program to engage my son throughout the 1 hour lesson. My son enjoys her class a lot. Ms Harini teaches special needs kids out of passion and love. She also gives us precious advice to handle our son. It is indeed hard to find one who has the heart and also the skill to teach special needs kids and she is one of the only few. Thank you Ms Harini for loving Joseph

Mrs Ganesh is the one of the best teachers I have ever met. She provides the opportunities for the kids with special abilities to learn, improve and keep up with others. She loves children and she has great patience with great professional knowledge and skills. My child has improved so much,

Mrs Ganesh is generous of sharing with parents the tips of working with the kids. We really appreciate the effort and love from Mrs Ganesh.

Testimonial from a parent whose child was successfully placed in Primary One 2020

Testimonials from Parents who have been with us for more than a few years

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Ms Ganesh Harini for her passion towards education for special needs children. She is one of the best teachers I have seen that really put the interest of her students above all.

Kayden, our autistic son at 9 years of age, has been with Ms Ganesh for the past 3 years. And under her tutelage and guidance, we have seen good progress on both behavioural and academic front. Ms Ganesh puts her heart and soul into catering to each individual child’s need as she understands that there is no one universal teaching method that fits all, especially for autistic kids. Thru the years, we have seen her evolve her teaching style and strategies to cater to Kayden’s ever changing learning needs.

One good example of her innovative teaching style is when she started Kayden on Floor Time Therapy recently where she sinks herself into the world of Kayden, solely following the lead of Kayden himself.

She hopes to gain joint attention and some reaction from Kayden through play and by doing so she hopes Kayden is able to open up more. We are pleased with the reaction she has got from Kayden so far when we sit in for some of her therapy sessions.

Apart from the day to day teaching in class, Ms Ganesh also provides us, the parents with lot of strategies that we can use at home with Kayden. It has certainly benefited and guided us in dealing with the difficulties Kayden has on both sensory and learning needs at home. She truly believes that the involvement of the parents is very critical in every child’s learning and she is always very helpful and willing to share tips on how to tackle the issues.

Overall we are grateful beyond words for what Ms Ganesh has done for Kayden. She is ever patient and always willing to spend time updating us on Kayden’s progress be it through face to face interaction or through her school communication portal with details and pictures on a daily basis. This sets us at ease and enable us to stay close to the progress of Kayden.

A good teacher explains, a superior teacher demonstrates, a great teacher inspires. We are glad that Ms Ganesh has all of the above. We strongly endorse and recommend all parents who are looking to help their special needs child to give Ms Ganesh a try. You will not regret taking that first step!