NimbusMindz Educational Services provides a unique program developed for Parents, Empowering Parents Program – program developed for parents of children who are differently abled.

NimbusMindz Educational Services offer two targeted services to support our children with their diverse learning and development needs:

Ready for School Program (RFSP): for children between 4 to 7 Years and who want to enter mainstream inclusive schools. Personalized development and educational therapy services are provided to achieve necessary milestones.

Successful School Journey Program (SSJP): for children between 6 to 12 Years, who are already studying in mainstream inclusive schools with learning or developmental gaps. Personalized development and educational therapy services are provided to bridge the gaps.

These reasonably priced 1 on 1 Special Needs Enrichment Program are provided to develop the six basic fundamental capacities which is the growth ladder.

Through a staged model of Assessment, Intervention and Support, NimbusMindz Educational Services cater to all growing and learning requirements covering the following:

100% guaranteed progress

Social Skills

Speech & Communication



Independent Living: Life-Skills and Self-care

Relationship Management

Behaviour management

Sensory management

Managing Emotions

Functional Academics: Numeracy & Literacy

Please take note of the following, in our attempt to serve many children and provide quality services:

1️⃣ We will be conduct an assessment for the child before we start the sessions to understand the interventional needs of the child.

2️⃣ Every session will be of 60 minutes duration.

3️⃣ Every child will be given 1 session per week.

4️⃣ Sessions will be uniquely designed to cater to the specific needs and individual differences of each child

5️⃣ Parents and caregivers will be allowed in the sessions at regular intervals to see their child’s progress and if they want to learn the techniques that we use with the children.

We would need the full history of the child to be provided before we start the session. [e.g. Medical reports; Therapist reports; Medical allergies (if any); School Reports etc.]

We are hopeful that our humble contribution to the community will reach many and help to develop the children to be independent and responsible citizens.

Reasonable price | 60 minute session | 1 session per week
Special Needs Enrichment Program